What will happen if my child is unwell or unhappy?

All unaccompanied students have a member of staff dedicated to looking after them. They will help them with any worries or concerns. All medical issues are supervised by the Centre Manager.

Is there a helpline contact number?

Yes. All students are given a 24-hour emergency contact number. 

Will my child be supervised at all times?

Yes. Students are supervised at all times in school and on activities by teachers and activity leaders. House parents supervise students when they are in their residential houses. 

Can my child go off with their friends to do different activities if they do not like the group activity organised by the school?

Students must attend activities. They cannot go off on their own.


What if my child is not happy in their room for some reason?

Students can express preferences for what kind of room they would like and whether they prefer to share a room. If they are not happy with their room, the Centre Manager will offer the student alternative rooms or solutions whenever possible.

My child has special dietary needs, can you cater for this?

Yes, please make this clear on their enrolment form and we can place them in a host according to their requirements. If your child is vegan, wheat or lactose intolerant, we charge a supplement which we pass directly onto the host for the alternative ingredients and the extra preparation time required

Who will my child share a room with?

Students can request to share a room with someone from their own country or, as most students do, ask to share with students from different countries. There are a number of single rooms available, too.

Can my child share with their friend?

Yes, if they request this.

Can my child have a single room?

Yes, a number of single rooms are available on request. 


My child is Italian. Will there be other Italian students in her class?

Classes have a mixture of different nationality students in them. In recent years, we have had students from Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.  


Will my child need much spending money?

All meals are included but students may want to buy some extra snacks each day. For full day and half day trips, students may want to have some extra money for shopping but they will always be provided with a packed lunch.


Who will meet my child at the airport?

Your child will be met by a leader, driver from the school or a designated meet and greet service employed by the school, who will take them on to their onwards transfer. Once in Paignton the child will be met by their host or in rare cases a taxi will be arranged which will be paid for by the host to their house. If your child is 16 or over and feels confident to make their own way to their onwards transfer this is fine but please inform us in advance and make sure they have our emergency phone number which is +44788522164